Cody, Leo, and I just got back from our first international family trip! I’m still on maternity leave and we decided to make the best use of the time and take a trip now during the cold winter months. Leo absolutely loved being outside and was such a great traveler.

One of the visions for our family is to travel as much as possible and we want to share those experiences and sense of adventure with Leo, even at two months old.

We expedited a passport for him and booked a long weekend to Puerto Vallarta for an all-inclusive. (I promised Cody a relaxing, all-inclusive vacation after traipsing all over Europe for a few weeks last year.) It was great to sit in the sun, swim up to the bar, get massages on the beach, and not have to make any decisions. This was an easy first vacation with an infant as well because we had everything we needed at the family-friendly resort.

We were a little nervous about his first flight, but he was amazing! Leo fed at take-off and landing to help his ears adjust to the pressure, and during flight, slept in his carseat.

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