Milestone Cards

disclaimer: I was provided The Original Milestone Cards in exchange for review. All opinions are solely mine.

Time is already flying as a mom, just like everyone said it would! I can hardly believe Leo is already 7 weeks old. He’s got his passport, shots, and has grown out of his newborn clothes already. It was so sad to pack up all those cute onesies and newborn outfits so soon!

I’d recommend a baby book to all parents! I want to remember all these cute moments and preserve them in a memory book for Leo to look back on as he is older. Milestone Baby is an excellent supplement to your baby book! These cute cards are an easy, cute, and fun way to photograph, sign, and celebrate the big moments for your little one. They include age cards like “Today, I am 2 weeks old” all the way to months and one year birthday. I think a cute idea is to sit your little one in the same chair next to a card each month and take a photograph. In the same chair or position each month, youΒ can really start to see their growth over time!

There are also really cute cards to celebrate all the firsts like first tooth, crawling, first time sleeping through the night (still waiting for that one…)


You can sign and date the card and insert it into your baby book as a keepsake. Milestone Baby even has some FREE printables on their site to celebrate all the first holidays!

These cards would make an excellent baby shower gift or gift to take a new mom when you’re visiting.

How do you celebrate and commemorate all your little one’s special moments? I’d love to hear what traditions you’re starting for your family!

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