Best of: What to Buy at Ikea

Decorating a home or apartment on a budget is not always an easy task! Before owning a home and dedicating time and energy to decorate and DIY it, I really had no idea how expensive it could be. I knew quality furniture would come at a price, but was surprised to also see how much items like rugs, lighting, and shelves could be too!

Some of the most functional and complimented items in my home actually come from Ikea! While finding your way through the Swedish superstore can be overwhelming, and putting together some of the pieces according to instructions can be confusing and time consuming, there are some excellent buys at Ikea that are definitely worth the trip!

Here’s my top 10 List:

ONE// Ribba Frames  $2.99-$14.99
Picture frames aren’t necessarily an expensive buy on their own, but they can certainly add up once you’ve got a few in each room. I’ve purchased these frames in almost every size for every room. They make for great gallery walls.
office 4guest room
TWO// Mosslanda Picture Ledge $9.99-$14.99 (two sizes)
I love these picture ledges! They come in two different sizes and two different colors, and really add a lot to the space. I have them in my office, hallway to the laundry room, master bedroom, and even used three of the large ones to create a library in our nursery to feature all of the books.
office 1nursery-5
THREE// Hemnes Dresser (8-drawer) $249
I am completely obsessed with this dresser, although I must admit I am not the one who had to put it together, following 56 steps and working with very small pieces.
This dresser is a quality piece, has tons of storage with the eight drawers, and really looks nice. We started with one for our master room, but decided another would be great for the nursery, where we can have tons of storage  for onesies, hats/socks, pants, diapers, sheets/swaddles/burp cloths, and utilize the top for a changing table. An easy hack to make it look classier and put your own style to it is to replace the black pulls that come with it with some of your own (mine are gold and white from Hobby Lobby.)
nursery-8guest room 2

FOUR// Fixa 260 piece screw pack $7.99
This kit has become a staple in our house. And for $7.99?! No brainer.
FIVE// Lack Coffee Table $7.99
I still can’t believe these tables are under ten dollars. They are great styled as end tables, but also make an amazing coffee table when putting two together side by side!
top image via:

SIX// Godis Glass (6 pk) $4.99
Save your money to invest in nice wine glasses and pick these tall and straight glasses up for every day use. They’re attractive, yet completely affordable at $4.99 for 6!

godis-glass__0372759_pe551981_s4SEVEN// Fargrik Dinner Bowl/Plate $2.49
These bowls are not great for soup, as they are large and shallow, but make for excellent single serve portions of salads, pastas, and stuffed peppers. When I’m cooking a large Sunday dinner, they are great for all my sides: potatoes, corn, salad, etc.

EIGHT// Lappljung Ruta $79.99
Finding a rug for under $100 is a difficult task and finding one with a pattern is even more of a challenge! This black and white rug is modern but not overpowering, and looks great styled in both a living room and dining room.
top image via:
top image via:

NINE// Kallax Shelf Unit  $65.99
This storage shelf can be set vertical or horizontal and could be used easily in any room. Use as a divider in a studio apartment, as a beverage station, decorative bookshelf, command center, etc!
kallax-shelf-digsdigstop image via:
kallax-shelf-comfydwellingtop image via: Comfy Dwellings
Add storage bins to hide toys, movies, or décor. Ikea sells bags, bins, and boxes separately, but you can also find ones that fit at stores like Target.

It even comes in a larger size, which is great for a large statement piece against the wall, for lots of storage, or a command center in the office.
kallax-large-ironandtwinetop image via: Iron and Twine

TEN// Hjalmaren Wall Shelf $89.99
I love this leaning wall shelf for so many areas of the house, but especially for a smaller bathroom with all the necessary storage. It would also be great in your entry way!
Do you have any of these top 10 Ikea products in your house? I’d love to see how you styled them! Tag @emeraldandoakblog on instagram!

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