Second Trimester

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I wrote about how mentally and physically tough the first trimester of our first pregnancy was here, and I am so excited to be able to say the second trimester was a completely opposite experience!

I’ve now gone about 6 weeks without getting sick and have not had to get IV’s. By mid-July I finally realized I was missing my beloved red wine or champagne, and am looking forward to being able to indulge a bit over the holidays. During the second trimester, I suddenly felt like I had more energy, could stay awake past nine (sometimes), and wanted to be more social again.

We’ve accomplished so much in the second trimester, which helps us both feel prepared for baby’s arrival. We registered for baby’s essentials, purchased our stroller, came to an agreement on a full name, planned and decorated the nursery, hired our doula, and signed a contract for full-time in-home daycare.

We decided to hire a doula after meeting with Megan and learning more about how to have a natural birth in a hospital setting. I support every woman in both their choice and medical needs for how they deliver their babies, and have chosen the route I believe best for me. Megan has helped ease the fears we have, make us aware of all our options, and even has a series of exercises or tasks to help with my mindset during birth. Cody and I are both very excited to have a doula help support, encourage, and advocate for our birthing wishes. (And yes, the irony is not lost on me that I’m planning a natural birth while simultaneously wearing hair extensions on a semi-regular basis.) You can learn more about a doula’s role and the practice we chose, here.

After speaking with friends about in-home daycare and the process it can be to find not only an opening but the right fit, we decided to start reaching out to those in our area to inquire about availability. We thought we’d get a head start while we had the energy and time, and try to secure our spot early as there is a fall pregnancy wave in this city. I called 21 in-home daycares, and ONE had an opening for February. We met in their home, long list of questions in hand, and immediately loved the couple and their approach to childcare. We are SO excited to be sending our baby there and so thankful to feel confident about baby’s love, support, health, learning and development while we are at work.

A few second trimester surprises:
-Sleeping. Luckily, I have no trouble staying asleep, but finding that “right” position to fall asleep in can be a trick! Cody estimates that I roll around 75 times before my body finally gives up.
-Body changes. I knew, obviously, that my body would change during pregnancy, but I’ve been so surprised by how large my chest has gotten before birth. Cody has no complaints on this one!
-Dreams. Wow, you guys. By this point, I have enough saucy dream material to write a book that would make even E.L. James blush.
-Skin. My skin has always been hypersensitive, and that has only increased during pregnancy. Sunburn, skin rashes, and even a brief skin tag appearance have made me go to the dermatologist almost as often as the doctor.
-Baby hiccups. I cannot believe how cute these are! Baby gets hiccups frequently at night when I’m laying down. Baby also loves to stretch out their arms and legs at the same time, which makes it feel like there is an eel in my stomach. And when baby kicks for papa when he is talking or singing or has his hand on my stomach, those are just the best.

We’re off this weekend to Chicago for a romantic and relaxing babymoon and cannot wait! We’re so excited to have one last trip together as a couple before baby arrives this fall. (Although, baby is already quite the traveler in utero, having been to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Venice, Paris, Florence, Montreal, Rome, Florida, and Cape Cod.) We plan to get Buns a passport right away as the 2017 calendar is looking to be a VERY exciting one!

Thanks for all your love, support, and celebration for our family of three!
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