A New Year

Certainly, every year holds unexpected events and disappointments. 2015 was not exempt. Life going into this year was complex, messy, hurtful.

I’m reflecting on 2015, what it took, but more than anything, all that it gave me.

By trying new things and establishing a routine, I’ve found so much passion, creativity, and joy in pursuing my hobbies of reading, writing, blogging, cooking, redoing my home, and working out.

By giving myself permission to fail, I’ve learned about myself, my resilience, my strengths and weaknesses, and what I value most. I’ve learned to laugh at myself, to push myself toward the unfamiliar, and to recognize my limits in other areas. A constant reminder: I can be anything, but not everything.

By asking for help, I’ve become stronger than ever.

Through vulnerability in sharing both the bad and good of my life, my reality as it is, I’ve been able to connect with others and direct my energy into incredibly healthy, life-giving relationships. I’ve been able to empathize with others experiencing similar events, opening the conversation in so many directions.

It’s been a year of becoming.

The most tender, beautiful parts of my life have come from the wreckage of a life left behind, from the familiar falling apart and the gradual process of laying the foundation for a new, infinitely better one.

In 2015, I traveled to Orlando, Atlanta, Vegas, South Dakota, Chicago, Rhode Island, Boston, New Jersey, New York, Dayton, Philadelphia, and spent countless weekends all around Lake Michigan.

I started my blog, bought my first house, and fell in love.

I grew in my faith and in my friendships.

It’s truly been the most incredible year.

I’m not sure what 2016 holds in its entirety, but there’s already so much to look forward to: a new business venture, travel in Montreal, Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Florence, and Paris, expanding my blog, redoing the kitchen completely, weddings (maybe even ours), babies (maybe even ours), and so much more.

Happy New Year, friends!

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photo credit: Laura Scholten http://www.arajoetta.com


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